honeycombing with quilty fun

It's time to make honeycombs with this week's Quilty Fun Sew Along!

quilty fun honeycombs 1 edit.jpg

I look forward to Monday mornings to see what Lori and her team have in store for us. And this week was honeycombs! I like how Lori has renamed the classic snowball block. Because we need a break from snow right now, right? Time to dig through my stash of Pam Kitty Morning fabric.

How about some medium prints?

quilty fun honeycombs 6.JPG

Yay! A chance to use my larger prints!

quilty fun honeycombs 3.JPG

And I gotta have my dots and spots!

quilty fun honeycombs 4.JPG

Then just 92 easy-corner-triangles later, and I have 23 honeycombs!

quilty fun honeycombs 15.JPG
quilty fun honeycombs 22.JPG
quilty fun honeycombs 19.JPG

And here are this week's blocks all together! 

quilty fun honeycombs 30.JPG

We're just over halfway through the Sew Along, but it isn't too late to join us! Have you seen some of the great blocks that other quilters are putting together? There are some amazing things at the Flickr group here.

Next week's blocks are tulips. I might just cheat a little bit and start to pick out my fabrics now...

Thanks so much for stopping by today!