snowman stars

stars 1.jpg

Hi everybody! I have been busy in the past few days finishing up those red and white flying geese for my Due South quilt. And they're done! Whew! I was so happy to be able to move on to the stars. But... to make these eleven stars, I first needed to make another 44 mini flying geese!

Flying geese. Hummm. I really like interesting birds. I even went on a boat to a deserted island in Maine to see puffins! But not pigeons. There are waaaay too many pigeons in this city. I'm not surprised that quilters don't have a 'flying pigeon' block!

I also decided on a setting which will be slightly different from the pattern. My geese are going to fly in different directions that represent my own migratory pattern. I promise to explain that very soon!

The stars will alternate with the geese, like this.

In non-quilty news, my new laptop computer arrived today! I am sure that this will make it more enjoyable for me to write my blog. It will replace a 7 year old laptop that has become slow and unreliable in the past few months. Most of this post was written on my phone. I hope that my next post will be done from the new HP touch screen!