the assembly begins!

It's time! The Quilty Fun row along assembly is in progress!

quilty fun left row 012.JPG
quilty fun left row 015.JPG

And here's the full left side!

quilty fun left row 005.JPG

I'll still need to make butterflies, sewing spools, mittens, flowers and a bumble bee in the coming weeks. But I have a secret change in mind here to make my quilt top a bit different from the others. (Hopefully I can actually execute my plan!) Then there's a cute bonnet label for the back of the quilt. 

I've started to think about my borders. Ok, I may have been thinking about them since November when Lori Holt announced the sew along. Maybe.... Here's the border treatment on Lori's finished quilt.

Photo from Bee In My Bonnet by Lori Holt

Photo from Bee In My Bonnet by Lori Holt

Here are the fabric finalists. I really want to see some black here... it's a color that I don't usually work with, and I've pushed myself to include a little black each week. Ok, I gotta admit that Pam's black prints are so cute that I HAD to find a way to use them! The black border will help to pull it all together. I'm just not sure if I want a black inner scallop, or a black outer border. 

quilty fun left row 027.JPG

My top choice right now is a pink dotty scallop and a wide black outer border. But blue dots with black could be really interesting, too. If you have a preference I'd love to know!

quilty fun left row 028.JPG