sewing spools with quilty fun

And now... Quilty Fun week 16 sewing spools! 

quilty fun sewing spools 004 2.jpg

These blocks were perfect for me to make. See, I have a little obsession with thread. Sure, I like having it match my projects. But I also just like seeing all those little spools all lined up. Like these machine embroidery threads from Sulky.

quilty fun sewing spools 016.JPG

I love Mettler 50 weight for everyday piecing and bindings, usually in white, ivory and grey. But I can never quite remember how many spools of white are my stash! It seems like I always have either 5 spools or else I'm on my last few yards. I also collect the smaller spools of Mettler in brights and pastels for sewing down bindings.

quilty fun sewing spools 018.JPG

But my little thread addiction doesn't just stop at spools. I have color swatch cards, too, like these Kimono silk embroidery thread samples. I buy almost all of my fancy threads online, and I want to be sure of what I'm getting before clicking that "buy now" button. These came from Shabby Fabrics

quilty fun sewing spools 036.JPG

So maybe it's ironic that I used just plain old white to piece these sewing spool blocks. At least my pieced spools are nice happy colors!

quilty fun sewing spools 012.JPG

See the pink spool with the alphabet? Well, I wanted to be sure to have a G in there for Greg and Grey. I really enjoy fussy cutting for planned blocks, but this time all I cared about was the G. I was surprised to look at this photo and see that I also have my last initial J. And then I found C and M (just barely...) for my "assistants" - my cats Chloe and Mia!

quilty fun sewing spools 009.JPG

And finally, here is the whole spooly lineup!

quilty fun sewing spools 001.JPG