Easter always holds special memories for me. It was one of my favorite holidays as a child. After the wake-my-parents-up-before-dawn egg hunt there was always church. I'd wear my new Easter outfit - a lavender dress shirt and beige trench coat were favorites. There were the family dinners with many aunts and uncles. My grandmother's large dinner table was set with an Easter lily and eggs dyed with red onion skins, and kielbasa was always on the menu.  We would often visit Seaside Park, still in our Easter outfits, with my photographer grandfather documenting the trip. The park was designed by Frederick Law Omlsted just after the Civil War. He also designed NYC's Central Park, which is just three blocks from my current home. And Seaside Park has a statue of Elias Howe, an early pioneer of sewing machines. I find these links between my hometown and my current home fascinating!

A walk through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden yesterday was the perfect link to the Easter Sunday memories of my childhood. Magnolias were slightly past their peak, cherry blossoms were just starting to bloom, Daffodil Hill was awash with yellows, a few early tulips peeked out, and happy pansies and grape hyacinths provided small blue dots. But the visit also packed an important reminder about Easter's message of hope and renewal, with signs of new life and opportunities everywhere. 

Happy Easter!