howdy! time to catch up

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Hi everybody, it's me! Wow I cannot believe that it is now mid- September. I've been busy busy busy flying around with way too many business meetings. I just got back from several days in Milwaukee and now it's time to go back to Manhattan. Whenever I return from a trip, I sew like a maniac to get caught up to everybody else. (I know that this isn't a race. But sometimes I know that if I don't get these blocks done, then the patterns and fabric will sit in a box and I will lose interest in them.)

I'm nearly caught up with all the blocks-of-the-month projects! I may have taken on too many BOMs this year. Is four BOMs too many?! But I love all the blocks and it makes me so happy when they come together, so I know that it is worth it. These blocks are all part of the Fig Tree Nantucket Mystery Sampler BOM.

I've got some fun projects in the works... well, they'll be in the works if I get them started! Fat Quarter Shop was kind enough to send me a copy of the latest book from Sherri Falls. It's called Tablerunner Bliss and it has 20 tablerunners. Lots of fun for sure! Sherri's patterns are always clearly written and easy to follow. Do you remember when I made Sherri's Gingham Stars quilt last year? I get emails about that quilt all the time - apparently it's out there on Pinterest. Anyway, I'll soon be starting a fun runner project so stay tuned. Check out Sherri's new book here.

And in house news, we've booked a landscaper for early October! He is going to remove several bushes from the front of the house and plant new ones - I am so excited to add hydrangea (they're Endless Summer Bloomstruck), China Girl holly and Sky Pencil holly to the front landscape. (Goodbye thorny, prickly, scrawny bushes!) He'll also start to remove the lava rocks and replace them with wood mulch. And yes, I know that I owe you all some updated house photos, and I'll try to get them for you soon.

Thanks for stopping by today. I'll be back on Friday with the latest batch of Patchwork Quilt Along 2017 blocks.