spelling bee sew along week 40

8 blocks.jpg

Hi there, everybody! Welcome to Spelling Bee Saturday! I was invited to sew along with the group, and it's already week 40. 


The Number 8 block comes in two sizes, and it is in Lori Holt's latest book, Spelling Bee. The book includes complete instructions for 100 letter, number, punctuation and image blocks. Each block comes in two sizes, so I made both! There are also instructions for many quilt projects using these blocks - cute sayings, mini quilts and of course, the cover quilt. 

8 blocks and book.jpg

For my large Number 8 block, I used Fig Tree's Ella and Ollie fabrics. The small 8 is made of Christmas Figs and Corey Yoder's Pepper & Flax background.

I chose to make the 8 because it is my favorite lucky number! I loved growing up in the 80's, and 80's music and fashions have always been my favorites. I moved to NYC in the 80's, and my apartment was on East 82nd Street. 8 is a lucky number in the Chinese culture, and our best local Chinese restaurant is called China Bistro 888. One of my favorite childhood toys was the Magic 8 ball with the floating fortunes ("Concentrate and ask again" and "Reply hazy, try again" always drove me crazy). When I sign my name, my capitol letter G looks like a big freeform 8. (Even my phone number and email address include the number 8!) And then there's the never-ending infinity loop appearance of the number 8. 

Anyway.... where was I?!

The sew along is nearly complete - there are just a few weeks left. Please hop over to today's blog posts from Fat Quarter Shop and Lori Holt to learn more.

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