falling leaves with quilty fun

It's week 13 of the Quilty Fun sew along! And this week we made falling leaves. These are bright and happy, like budding spring leaves.  

quilty fun falling leaves 018.JPG

It took me just a few minutes to prep the fabric for these leaves. I had a few precut 1 1/2" strips of Pam Kitty Morning fabric that were left over from another project. Perfect!

quilty fun falling leaves 003.JPG

You'll see that I am a BIG pinner. It takes me a little bit more time but helps to ensure that my blocks finish nice and flat. I often use up that whole tin of pins on just one border strip.

quilty fun falling leaves 005.JPG

Normally, I like to use colors similar to nature when making blocks like flowers, trees and hearts. I like pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers and blue diamonds.

Does that sound familiar? Yes, I quoted the Lucky Charms cereal commercial!  I just got over a cold, and Lucky Charms is my favorite comfort food that I eat ONLY when I'm sick. I ate the whole box... in two days. And I can't sing the theme song when I have a sore throat. But I'm better now, so obviously the cereal IS magically delicious!

Anyway, sometimes I let myself be creative with color, and I just had to make a blue leaf!

quilty fun falling leaves 034.JPG
quilty fun falling leaves 031.JPG

These little leaves were so fast to make! See what everybody else is working on at the Quilty Fun Flickr group here. We have 7 weeks left, so there's still time to join us!