mixing it up

Sometimes, the best part of finishing one quilt top is having the opportunity to start another one!

mixing it up quilt 052.JPG

I started "Mixing It Up" by Bee In My Bonnet this weekend. I think that Lori Holt has some of the most fun patterns, and this one reminds me of hunting for vintage treasures at the flea market. 

But I really love this pattern because it features the Kitchenaid mixers that I am a little obsessed with. I have wanted one for years. I've put serious thought into which color I'd get. Majestic yellow? Ice blue? Pistachio? Or the pink one that I saw at Georgetown Cupcake in Soho?

Sadly, I can't have one. My tiny kitchen counter is only 30" long x 22" wide. That's all the workspace that I have!

mixing it up quilt 001.JPG
mixing it up quilt 011.JPG

But fabric mixers don't take up any space, right?! And I FINALLY have a reason to cut into my stash of Lori's "Bake Sale" fabric. I've also added in some leftover fat quarters of Sew Cherry and Polka Dot Stitches. 

mixing it up quilt 025 enhanced.jpg

So here's the green apple mixer, with a pink vintage Pyrex bowl. I've decided to piece the beaters, or you can embroider them as Lori suggests. Next up is the aqua sky mixer.

mixing it up quilt 018 enhanced.jpg

But I think that my favorite part of the quilt must surely be the spatulas. I didn't expect that to happen! So easy to make and so cute. And they won't accidentally melt if I leave them on the stove too long.

mixing it up quilt 030.JPG

Humm, all this talk about mixing it up has made me hungry for a snack! I think that I'll go mix something up!