buzzing around with quilty fun

The bumble bees have arrived! It's week 19 of the Quilty Fun sew along.

I miniaturized the pattern and made a quartet of bees instead of a solo bee. Each bee is half the size of the original block (roughly 6" instead of 12"). My calculations were all done on bright bee-yellow Post-It notes, and then discarded after cutting. The blocks went together really easily, but I may have complained a little when I had to sew the 3/4" easy-corner-triangles onto the sides of the heads. 

quilty fun bees 002.JPG

I'm so happy with my collection of little bees flying around in a circle. Just wait until they see that they're about to be surrounded by a bunch of colorful blocks! Lori Holt posted instructions on how to assemble the quilt top yesterday, and so, I'll have the top completely joined together within the next few days! All that will be left is to piece the borders and label. Yay!