putting it together

The big Quilty Fun assembly continues! Bit by bit, putting it together. Those words come to my mind every time I'm on the verge of completing a quilt top. They're actually lyrics from Stephen Sondheim's Tony Award winning musical "Sunday in the Park with George," which is a fictionalized account of Georges Seurat's painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" with Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters. I didn't see the original production in the 80's, but I was lucky to see the amazing revival on Broadway in 2008.

And bit by bit, I enjoy putting all the parts together. It's fun to see all of the blocks from the past 19 weeks finally turning into a finished work.

Here are this week's buzzy bees in their floral frame.

Happy houses and SPRING flowers. I am SO ready for spring! It's been in the mid to high 20's here in NYC this week, and super windy. And this weekend we'll have rain - does that count as April showers?

Here are two of the first blocks - apples from week 1 (in October!) and baskets from week 4. That was before I started my blog!

Honeycombs and cocoa cups! The colors of the cups were inspired by two of my favorite mugs - a red and green Santa mug that was a gift from my father a loooong time ago, and a piece from my collection of Spode Blue Geranium.

I've had a few questions here and on Instagram about the pattern. It's actually completely rotary cut! No paper piecing!

My scalloped border fabrics from Pam Kitty Morning are picked out and ready to sew as soon as Lori Holt publishes the pattern next week. And I might have something tricky planned for the bonnet label, too!

There are several other amazing versions of this quilt happening over at the Flickr group. I love to see how different this top can look in other fabrics. 

(P.S. Happy 84th birthday to Stephen Sondheim. Thanks for the music!)