farm girl friday - raising chickens

It's time for Farm Girl Friday! Or for me, Farm Boy Friday. Farm Girl Vintage is the latest book by Lori Holt, and whole bunch of us chickens are sewing along with Lori. This week, I had a big challenge raising my baby chick block. I have a fear of embroidery! Oddly, when I was a kid I remember embroidering mushrooms on burlap. (It was the mid 1970's, so that makes it ok, right?) And when I started to quilt in 1999, I made Christmas stockings of flannel, embroidered with feather stitches, flowers and cross hatching. But then I was traumatized by a redwork project, and I couldn't get my stem stitch to look stem-ish. And, seriously, how does anybody really thread three plies of floss through a tiny needle?!

I knew that I needed to make the baby chick block because my grandfather built a chicken coop in the backyard of his city house. He raised Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns. Of course, my mother vividly remembers her favorite pet rooster, Whitey, who pecked her and then became confined to the barnyard. Now I know why I was afraid of the chickens and I stayed far away! I watched this short video about how to do a backstitch, did a practice piece and then finally stitched the chicken legs. I think he's pretty cute!

The Autumn Star block was fun to make (whew, no embroidery!) and I really love the contrast between the brighter Aloha Girl prints mixed with the more subdued Ambleside.  

The first three blocks make me so happy. This is exactly the look I wanted. Now maybe I'll cheat a little and get started on the blocks for next Friday!

Want to learn more about the sew along? You can join us! More details are on Lori Holt's blog and the Jolly Jabber blog, and be sure to use the hashtags #farmgirlfridays, #babychickblock and #autumnstarblock on social media so that everybody can see your blocks.